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The Chimney Cakes

Ovens' Technology

Stainless Steel Body

The ovens' body is made of 1.5mm mirror

shiny stainless steel for easy cleaning and strong

protection against corrosion and deformations.

Stainless Steel Elements

All the fixing elements, visible or hidden,

every single hinge, nut, bolt, etc. are made

of stainless steel for highest oven's build quality.

Tempered Glasses

For the ovens' doors we use 5mm thick

crystal clear tempered glasses with

operating temperature up to 360°C.

Hybrid Heating system with thermostat ('S8T)

We use reinforced 8mm long-life heaters combined with German thermostat

at the top to control and ensure the correct baking temperature

all the time without any interruptions for best baking results, even 24 / 7.

Independent Motors

Inside the oven there are 8 independent motors

(2 motors for 'S2) with electric protection

against handmade mechanical stops.

Energy Saving Mode

You can use full oven-capacity with both

heaters working or use energy saving mode

with only one heater switched on ('S8T only).

Insulated Handles

The wooden door-handles and the special material

between them and the hot steel provide temperature

insulation and protection for your hands.

Long Power Cable

We use 3m long ('S8T only) high-quality flexible power cable.

Our ovens require:

AC single phase 110÷125V or 220÷240V, 50/60Hz

Quality Wooden Rollers

In our Economy and Premium oven-kits we include

the traditional wooden rollers, made of specially treated

Bulgarian beech wood for best baking results.

These ovens/grills are developed for

professional usage 24 / 7, due to the

high quality materials and components.

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